I am a tireless dreamer and I promise, I will never stop.


Passionate about photography, graphics, painting and decorations.

I will try to capture the beauty of small and simple moments, those moments that fill and warm the heart. a simple smile, a look, an unexpected moment that contains an immense instant. What i would love to try is to take pictures that tell you a story and document the moments that pass by in a blink of an eye. Capturing stories through bright, joy filled, authentic images. I love freezing those once in a lifetime moments and capturing raw reactions. Nothing makes me fall in love with an image more than true smiles and candid expressions. I believe you can find in everyone, everything and everywhere a story that should be told.

In love with papers and prints. You can call me old fashion maybe, but the beauty we can find in something print is much more emotional that everything we can find online. My idea of graphic is to listen and follow the idea of the client, because at the end this will be his/her logo, his/her identity, and there is nothing more beautiful to see their face when they can see just a though become a new design.

What I always try to do is follow the idea of Bruno Munari, who said to keep the spirit of childhood alive with ourselves because that means preserve our curiosity to learn, a pleasure for understanding and the desire to communicate.